Prepare your space

  • Make sure there’s enough space to accommodate the massage table, leaving enough space for the therapist to move around it – a 2x2m space is ideal.
  • Let fresh air in
  • Prepare two large towels and a blanket to cover you during the massage.
  • Everything else I provide. 

At the end of your session, I will give you time and privacy to get dressed.

Also prepare yourself by taking a hot shower - it helps to warm the muscles up.

I use a wider-than-usual and extra-thick cushion massage table to provide a premium experience.
The exact parameters are:
70 cm (width)
183cm (excluding the headrest)
213cm (including the headrest)
Working weight: 205kg  

Yes, I accept both cash and card after the treatment.

In general, I offer 60 and 90-minute-long massages but some special treatments (ex.: pregnancy massage) are available only in one length.

But naturally, you can book two consecutive sessions for two people on the same day.

Naturally, I am a fully qualified and insured massage therapist.

Just send a text to 07342139479 or a message to [email protected], we will find an other date together!

Sometimes we all make mistakes. You can cancel your appointment for free maximum 12 hours before the chosen time.

I'll try to be as flexible as I can to find another slot that fits your schedule. 

Please note: If you cancel your confirmed appointment in less than 12 hours before the chosen time, I'll have to ask you to transfer 50% of the full price of the service to my bank account.

Please book wisely.

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